Mooni 21 korterelamu ehituse organiseerimine

Tänav, Marko (2015) Mooni 21 korterelamu ehituse organiseerimine. [thesis] [en] Organizing the Construction of an Apartment House at Mooni st. 21.

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Käesolevas lõputöös käsitleti Mooni 21 korterelamu ehitustööde organiseerimist. Ehitustöid teostatakse alates 07.03.2016 ja ehitustööde planeeritavaks lõpptähtajaks on 02.09.2015. Tööde ligikaudne kestvus ~6 kuud. Lõputöös on antud ehitatava hoone arhitektuursete ja konstruktiivsete osade lahendused. Töö käsitleb ehituse organiseerimise etappe, kasutatavaid masinaid ja töödele kohandatavaid meetmeid ning tehnoloogiaid. Lisaks lahendatakse ehitusplatsi üldplaan, tuuakse välja ajutiste soojakute, platside ja laoplatsi paiknemine, ehitusmasinate liikumine maa-alal, tõsteseadmete asukoht tõstetöödel ja piirete ning trasside kulgemine objektil. Koondkalendergraafikus on toodud tööde kestvused ja tööjõu kasutamise graafikud. Ajanormid on võetud EKE NORA 2012 andmebaasist. Täpsemalt on kirjeldatud mulla- ja vaiatöid ning elementide montaaži. Peatükk käsitleb tööde üldiseid kirjeldusi, ehitusmehhanismide valikut ja töödele esitatavaid kvaliteedi- ja ohutusnõudeid. Kirjalikku osa toetavad töö graafilises osas toodud tehnoloogiakaardid. Lisas on toodud detailne ehitustööde eelarve- ja mahutabel. Kogu tööde maksumuseks 597 172 eurot. Kogu kuludest on ehituse organiseerimise maht 6,7%. Lõputöö koostamine andis autorile uusi teadmisi ehituseelsetest organiseerimis- ja planeerimisetappidest ning kinnitas ehituse organiseerimise olulisust ehitustööde eelstaadiumis.

Abstract [en]

The object of the present thesis is to organize the construction of an apartment house planned for the site at Mooni Street 21. The thesis is based on the principal building design for the apartment house prepared by the Projektibüroo 363 OÜ and the preliminary architectural design by Sirje Hammerberg, a self-employed entrepreneur. The first chapter of the thesis gives a survey of the present situation at the building site. It characterises its soil conditions and includes a list of the sources used in writing. The second chapter presents the architectural and structural part of the planned apartment. It gives the general data and technical details of the construction. The structural plan describes the constructions and materials to be used in building. The thesis also gives an overview of the materials and the colour design that will be used in its final decoration. The chapter concludes by giving information about the communications to be built and buildings fire-resistance rating. The chapter “Ehituse organiseerimise planeerimine” gives a survey of the duration of the construction and the required labour force at different stages of the construction. The latter has been also visualised graphically on a chart in the graphic appendix of the thesis. In addition it provides the general plan of the construction site, places on it the provisional welfare facilities for the workers as well as storage and depot areas, the trajectories of the mobile construction devices on the site and the position of various lifts alongside with fences and pathways needed during the construction. The illustration can be found in the graphic appendix under the title “Ehitusplatsi üldplaan”. The required water and electricity supply has been calculated and the list of different lifts that have to be used has been given. In the financial part the costs of organizing the construction have been specified and their share in the total budget of the construction has been calculated. The following chapters describe the planned soil and piling works and analyse the technical charts of the montage operations. The figures illustrating the chapter can be found in the graphical appendix of the thesis. The chapter gives a brief description of the planned work, the machinery used at that,and the labour force needed together with their cost, and it also lists the standards and tolerances applicable in the case. The final chapters of the thesis focus on the method of agreement, the work and fire safety regulations, and environmental considerations. The construction has been planned to begin on March 7, 2015, and the deadline for the project is on September 2, 2015. Thus the approximate duration of the construction is about six months. Writing the thesis has given its author new perspectives and comprehensive knowledge about the organizational and planning procedures that precede the actual construction and convinced him of the importance of organization at the early stage of building.

Item Type: thesis
Advisor: Anneli Ramjalg
Subjects: Construction > Building Construction > Construction > Organization of construction
Divisions: Institute of Construction > Building Construction
Depositing User: J. Praaks
Date Deposited: 02 Dec 2020 09:34
Last Modified: 02 Dec 2020 11:33

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