Introduction of the Study Module

This study module is intended for second-year students of transport logistics and automotive engineering at the TTK/University of Applied Sciences.

The module is intended for independent study. It contains an extensive reading selection on different transportation modes, their advantages and disadvantages, different means of transport and infrastructure of transportation. The module comprises a variety of exercises. The listening comprehension material was recorded by a native speaker, a visiting lecturer from INSA, UAS of Strasbourg Sarah Sands.

Final assessment should be carried out in the classroom through both discussions and a written test.

Upon completion of the module, students should ...

  • know the English terminology of transportation means and modes;
  • be able to describe the criteria for choosing a particular mode of transportation for carrying goods;
  • have improved listening comprehension skills and the use of numerals.


Textual sources:

Wikipedia, Transport,, retrieved 17 Sept 2010

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Photos by Sirje Truu and Tiina Truu

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